Love your audience, write less

Trying to withdraw some money from an ATM the other day my mind hit a blank. What was my PIN code? After three unsuccessful tries my card was blocked. Rather luckily i could alter my PIN the next day online. All I needed was a Login. The password was stored and the SMS code could... Lees verder →

Eight documentation trends for 2020

With 2019 now over the rainbow and nowhere more to be found, 2020 could become the year of.. Well, i am not the Wizard of Oz neither am i a fortune teller, but drawing from general trends one can filter down to the impact on technical writing. Chunks of documentation - more micro content Search... Lees verder →

Five tips for proper lokalisation

Should a front page of a manual be neutral or hold a picture of someone doing something. In my case it was a woman (clothed but bra-less) standing at a printer and a man sitting at his desk raising his arms what.. you could see that something was downloading on his computer screen. But... Lees verder →

Write the docs – Prague 2019

Write the Docs is a global community of people who care about documentation. If you don't know them yet, just join. They have a free newsletter, organise conferences and meetups in a lot of cities. Prague was in September the venue of one of their conferences. Other conferences were held this year in Vilnius, Portland,... Lees verder →

Technical writer skills for the future…

An interesting Cherryleaf podcast about technical writer skills for the future started of with a list of known skills: General skills Writing - clear and concise Time management - deliver on time Subject matter knowledge - know what you are writing about Tools knowledge - be it Word, MadCapFlare or Swagger. To this self eveident... Lees verder →

MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (9)

Still enough to learn about MadCap Flare. Let's start: How to edit a snippet Sometimes you need to change the content of a snippet. It is plain and simple. Select the snippet in a topic. Right-click the snippet. From the menu select Open link. How to link to a snippet Snippets are handy when you... Lees verder →

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