MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (20)

In this short blog how to handle two stylesheets in one project, levels that don't show up in your TOC and how to set your chapter numbering right. Where is my content? You have set up your stylesheet, build a TOC file but in the output a level is missing. Let it be level 3... Lees verder →

MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (17)

Something simple and something a bit more elaborate. Just assume your PDF output shows your table content is all over the place. MCF has an answer to this problem. Failing Word input.. If you import a Word document into Flare you will mostly have populated it with pics. These should be straightforward pics. MCF has... Lees verder →

MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (9)

Still enough to learn about MadCap Flare. Let's start: How to edit a snippet Sometimes you need to change the content of a snippet. It is plain and simple. Select the snippet in a topic. Right-click the snippet. From the menu select Open link. How to link to a snippet Snippets are handy when you... Lees verder →

MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (7)

Nothing fancy, maybe something handy, maybe something useful. The tips in this blog answer the following questions: How do i remove heading levels from my TOC? How do i pimp my documentation with a fanciful note? How do i setup alternating headers and footers in my document? TOC - remove heading levels This is the... Lees verder →

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