Covers – business card of your company

Ever thought about the cover of your documentation? How it should look? What it should represent? Probably it was already there when you entered your writing job. Most of the time it is a rather dull looking page on which you saw your company logo and the name of the product and the version you... Lees verder →

Career opportunities for technical writers – 2020-2025

ClickHelp recently published an interesting read on career opportunities for technical writers in the upcoming years. It is a more than 100 pages overview of existing and new markets where technical writers could be hired. The usual suspects here are IT, engineering,  gas and oil, spacecraft and some others.They see Insurance, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Green industry... Lees verder →

Corona – work from home (2)

One week into working from home, things slowly start to fall in place. Home work will probably go on for some weeks, but probably not months. China seems to be recuperating, governments are willing to support small enterprises and self employed people and, most importantly, here in Europe, the sun is out. Not yet spring,... Lees verder →

Corona – work from home

Countries in lock-down, schools and universities closed, shops not open, only supermarkets offering their goods, borders closed. Welcome to 2020. Who would have thought that a few months ago. A virus spreading from China, probably originating from the USA,  laming economies, transport sectors, tourism, and asking for special measures from there I am, working... Lees verder →

Seven tips for a better Search

Do the users of an application or a machine read a manual? Forget it! They might scan the Requirements section and that's it. Until something drastically goes wrong. Their phone is dead, so they cannot call support. Where is that manual? Oh..,<peep> how do I access this online help. Your user will not be in... Lees verder →

Love your audience, write less

Trying to withdraw some money from an ATM the other day my mind hit a blank. What was my PIN code? After three unsuccessful tries my card was blocked. Rather luckily i could alter my PIN the next day online. All I needed was a Login. The password was stored and the SMS code could... Lees verder →

Documentation trends 2019

In 2018 I followed many blogs and read about lots of stuff related to the technical writing community. We live, as ever, in an evolving world. Where a lot is still the same; as a technical writer your main task is to get a message across. What evolves is the technology you can use to... Lees verder →

Five things we like about our job

This is the third and last bog on a technical writer survey by David Ryan.  Some 333 responded to his call, answering all kinds of questions.  What they liked about their job was an intriguing one. Was it the writing, the creativity, the tooling they worked with? Out of some 375 answers, some 175 fell... Lees verder →

Six technical writer hangups

This is the second blog about the technical writer survey by David Ryan. The first one was about what respondents thought about techncial writing in 2018. This one gives insight in the daily problems we face in our profession. Fasten your seatbelts. Here we go! Lack of appreciation Some 18% of the respondents had a... Lees verder →

The history of technical writing…

Where did it all start? How did it begin? What's the story of the history of technical writing? After a bit of research I would call the Greek philosopher Aristotle and 14th century writer Geoffrey Chaucer, our oldest colleagues. For lack of insight knowledge no names from Sumerians, Perzians or Egyptians can be added to... Lees verder →

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