Top tips for writing app docs

The Atlas Camp in September of this year held in Barcelona had some really nice presentations. For us, technical writers, senior developer experience writer Becky Todd, talked about docs and API's. All very basic but still very insightful. And, because it is Atlassian, the tool used is Confluence. Lesson 1:  know your audience Lesson 2: ... Lees verder →

API The Docs – Amsterdam

  On December 4th the API the Docs saw a one day conference in Amsterdam about documenting API's. This blog has all the YouTube footage of the conference. Just browse for some interesting angle on documenting your API. In detail covered subjects are: Developers are your audience. How to write good documentation for them. Streamlining... Lees verder →

Documentation trends 2018

2017 nearly down the drain. Hope it was a good year for you full of things to remember. If not, there is always 2018.  What it will bring is still written in the clouds. But having a look at many sources you could come up with some trends for documentation. What will 2018 bring for... Lees verder →

API documentation – Security

Your company created an API. Maybe it is a beta version. The company wants to test it. Does it need security? Could be...If they release it then security should not be neglected. Even then with a rate limit the company could hold it in hand. But every API should be secured. What company wants its... Lees verder →

Swagger for API documentation

Swagger uses the easy to learn YAML to produce reference documentation for REST API's. If you have a simple API, Swagger could be the tool to document it. The Swagger UI, depicted below,  gives the user a chance to practice with the API or get a simple overview of its functionality. The reference documentation written... Lees verder →

API documentation : the description

A small company hosted an API and the UI was a Software as a System (SaaS). So they created the reference documentation and boasted that no manual was needed for their UI. It was so intuitive a kid could work with it. To my surprise there were many pages on their website explaining the functionality... Lees verder →

Negen technical writer mythes

Laatst had ik een gesprek met een manager: hoe krijgt mijn team van technical writers meer gewicht? Nu hangen ze er wat bij binnen het bedrijf. Hoog tijd om de mythbusters van stal te halen. Dan wordt veel duidelijk over het werk van de technical writer, zijn persoonlijkheid, zijn waarde voor het bedrijf  en zijn... Lees verder →

6 tips bij het schrijven van release notes

Het product is de deur uit en nu komen de verbeteringen. Nou ja, er zijn ook links en rechts nogal wat foutjes opgelost. En van de product manager moest die nieuwe functionaliteit er echt in. De testers gebruiken gelukkig een applicatie die de bugs en hun status moeiteloos uitspuwt. En de functionaliteit wordt net op... Lees verder →

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