Corona – work from home (4)

Ever since I started working in Prague as an expat, still visiting my home country regularly, i was intrigued by their anthem: Kde domuv muj, kde domuv muj..(where is my home? where is my home?). Especially for expats, in between a new life and their old life this is a confronting song.

When then corona hits the world and you are cut off from your roots, working from home with your carefully built up social life as dead as a dodo, you really start thinking. So, I took the first plane out of the Czech Republic now working from my own house in the Netherlands. Is there a difference?

On my lunch walk I have the occasional chat with people, which i missed in Prague, because of the language barrier. That now everything around you is in your own language helps alleviating stress and seclusion. But, even in my own home i am in between two worlds; still studying Czech and talking to my, now, far away colleagues, using Teams.

A few tips about virtual conversation. As normal conversation is driven 80% non-verbal communication, we should try to replace it in a way.

  • Use full sentences.
  • Point out the meaning of your message.
  • Use emojis in your answers. It definitely brings a human touch to virtual communication.
  • Use GIFs for the same reason as you would use emojis.
  • Avoid irony and sarcasm
  • Be positive.
  • Be interested
  • Use your status to limit online conversation if need be.

And here a lengthy article on all the ins and outs of working remotely in a team.


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