Corona – work from home (3)


Is it getting normal? Home office after some seven weeks? Or is it a near endless corridor I have to go through. Not knowing if I am at the beginning, mid way or nearing the end.
Working from home is only seeing your colleagues online, hardly ever face to face. Everything work related is virtual. Even a virtual drink at the end of the week. (Never rejected an Outlook meeting so quickly). Working days and weekend days are one big blur. So, no it is not getting normal. Good news is that outdoor life is slowly restarting. Small shops are allowed to open and restaurants serve take away food at their door. Bookshops reopen and public transport is gradually attracting more passengers.

home work

Still, working from home is all about interaction. Having an online chat with a colleague, allowed back in the office, because his young kids and wife drove him crazy. Another colleague telling you he knew two people who caught corona. When having an online meeting it should be forbidden to turn off your camera. Human interaction needs faces. A multiple people chat on Teams or Skype can be fun when you see faces. It is easier to crack a joke. Conversations are livelier.

Now for the wider perspective. Yesterday my eye was caught by an article. Ten things that will change the world due to corona. Just give it a thought. I picked seven and added some thoughts of mine.

  1. Concerts on your computer
    Great idea for the time being. Some would welcome it, because they don’t like huge crowds, but what about all these small bands, these cramped and smoke filled venues,  Or that concert as an evening out. Best suit. Something special. A social event. How are you to going to beat that, computer?
  2. Doctor through a wire
    Only online consults. What are your symptoms. Ah, i see. We’ll send you a prescription by mail. The work of a doctor (GP) is far too important to be only available through a wire. You need to see a patient. You want to establish contact. How many people visit a doctor with vague complaints?!
  3. 3D boom
    What happened to 3D. Did it live up to its promise? Does everybody now have a 3D printer at home? Still, interesting idea.
  4. Buy at the door
    Do you need a pandemic for this change ? Food delivery at the door, buy your books, shoes, clothes…whatever online. It is already happening. Big city centers aren’t dead because of a lack of tourists, but because inhabitants can hardly find a decent shop to go to. It has been taken over by a different species which now, all of a sudden, disappeared.
  5. Online classes
    Had a few of those and they worked. Teacher visible and a shared white board. But pressed for face-to-face classes now it is slowly becoming possible.
  6. Washing your hands
    According to the article we wash our hands at home more often than at the office. What about you? Does not work for me like that.
  7. Card replaces cash
    In some countries, like the Netherlands, a near reality. Other countries, like Germany,  stick to cash. In a virus stricken world you should ban cash as it travels faster than a virus. My little problem: cash is the only secure stronghold of privacy where Google, Facebook and the likes use it as  a form of Newspeak (George Orwell – 1984).

Source: Virus navzdy zmeni svet (Virus will forever change the world) – ; 30 March

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