MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (13)

In this short episode of this series some handy tips. Nothing special. Nothing deep. Just things I stumbled upon in my daily work routine.


Style or class not in the Style list box.

You want to change the style of a piece of text, but the style is not in the Style drop-down list. I could not find the button style. Just did not show its face. Not to worry.

  1. Click the arrow to the right of the Style field.
  2. Erase the style name.
  3. Replace it with the style you cannot find.
  4. Click Enter.
    The piece of text will have the style you typed in the list box.
    And all of a sudden I had my button style.


Creating non-numbered ‘headings’

For the marketing department I had to create a short product paper. All my heading styles were numbered and this did not look fine in the output.
First I tried to create a class for a heading style, vigorously trying to delete the Auto-Number setting. To no avail. Did not work.
Finally I went for the work around to create a p class and add the settings of the heading. There was no need to add a TOC to this document, so this worked out fine.
Still wondering though if I could have done it by tweeking a heading style. Probably not.

Where is this snippet?

Assume you have a long, long, yes, very long topic. You more or less lost your way. Still you know what you are looking for. Here the Text Editor is your savior.

  1. Click it in the left bottom of the topic the HTML-overview.
  2. Search the name of the snippet and highlight it.
  3. Click the XML Editor, going back to the text view.
    The focus will now be on the snippet.



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