Corona – work from home (2)

One week into working from home, things slowly start to fall in place. Home work will probably go on for some weeks, but probably not months. China seems to be recuperating, governments are willing to support small enterprises and self employed people and, most importantly, here in Europe, the sun is out. Not yet spring, but it is peeking around the corner with its smiling face.

Yesterday I did my usual Sunday afternoon stroll in Prague: up Petrin, take the 22 at Pohorelec and then get off at Starometska to cross Charles Bridge into downtown Prague. Normally I steer clear of this bridge, due to the multitude of tourists. Now it was near empty. I had parts of Karlova street, otherwise packed with tourists, to my own. This felt historic. Disneyland Prague, as I call it, had closed its doors. Old Town square was also near deserted. This is what lockdown looked like.

And then a few things:

  • Contact with colleagues over Microsoft Teams feels strange, as you cannot walk up to them and ask for clarification.
  • Team meetings are fine, but would be better if people would turn on their cameras . After all we, humans, are social animals.
  • Working from home seems to be a trend. Career sites are not yet exploding in your face when entering this search term, but just go to and see what pops up in your region.
  • Stick to a routine. Start at a certain hour, but also stop at a given hour.
  • Go out in the sun. Go for a scrawl. Relax.
  • Read A journal of the plague year, by Daniel Defoe (yes, the one who wrote Robinson Crusoe). Just to know that there is nothing new under the sun.
  • Follow some online course: DITA, API. Get acquainted with github..the list is endless.
  • Keep chatting with your colleagues.
  • Know that this tree is nearly 200 years old and laughs corona in the face for its short lived existence.



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