Corona – work from home

Countries in lock-down, schools and universities closed, shops not open, only supermarkets offering their goods, borders closed. Welcome to 2020. Who would have thought that a few months ago. A virus spreading from China, probably originating from the USA,  laming economies, transport sectors, tourism, and asking for special measures from companies…so there I am, working from home.

home work

Communication is done via Teams and e-mail,  weekly Skype meetings with team member and manager should keep me up to date and busy. Still, missing your colleagues face-to-face is a weird feeling. Social contact is different..forget about office jokes or be glad you don’t have to listen to them..your choice.

Problematic is that I went down from three monitors to one tiny laptop screen. The company is willing to send one to my address, but the table i work on  is too small to hold it. So, i just make do. Also have to et around that I now live in my working hours are a bit fluid.

If you might get bored at home, here are a few tips.

  1. Join the Slack community on Chat, share tips, look out for remote meetups.
  2. Just type ‘technical writer blog’ in your search engine and have fun. There are more than you would imagine. Quite a few have stopped, others just keep going.
  3. Always wanted to get some API writing knowledge? Check out Tom Johnson his blog. He offers a free API course.
  4. Listen to blogs on technical writing. You tube offers some basic stuff. The ones i like are done by Cherryleaf.
  5. For everything new under the sun about European machine related writing, visit Ferry Vermeulen his blogs.

Feel free to share your home work experiences.

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