MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (11)


In this blog a few a bit off the track tips and one little trick to give you a properly outlined output. As I am more or less working daily with Madcap Flare any problem i encounter will sooner or later end up in this series of tips & tricks.

‘Missing linked style sheet’  messages in the build log

If you have a multitude of missing linked style sheet comments in your build log, but nothing is wrong in your output, you might still want to get rid of them. There are two possible solutions.

Fix broken links

1. Go to View – Project Analysis
2. Select Broken Links, the system will compile a list of issues if there are any.
3. Fix any broken links that the system brings up. (Specifically look if there are any double links, or random styles attached to nothing in the code)
4. Save everything.
5. Build the target again to see if the issue is resolved.

Allow local stylesheets

  1. Select the Project tab on the ribbon
  2. Click Project properties. The Project Properties window opens.
  3. Select Defaults.
  4. Uncheck Allow local stylesheets
  5. Save the setting and rerun your output.

White spaces in output

If you have inexplicable white spaces in your sentences, which are also reproduced in your output, checked your HTLM code, but could not find anything strange, we are pals in solving this issue.

witte plekken

The following little trick solved my issue:

  1. Select the whole paragraph.
  2. Select Home on the ribbon.
  3. Set Paragraph outlining to Left.
  4. Rerun your project.

PDF does not show font in output.- Warning 40040

If you have a font that does not show in your PDF output, you should install it or, when installed, re-install in and then click Install for all users. You need Admin rights to perform this operation. This solved my issue. The video will give you some tips and tricks about how to delete fonts when you are confronted with an eternal ‘Try again’ popup.

Warning 40040 Failed to convert to PDF font


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