Framemaker versus Word

Recently i saw a video on a white paper that summarised the differences between Word 2016 en Framemaker 2019. Having used both i was quite intrigued by the results. A bit of history Word was launched in 1983 for the personal computer, Framemaker three years later for UNIX workstations. Word was originally designed for personal... Lees verder →

Cormac McCarthy – Child of God

Sommige boeken blazen je van je sokken, andere zijn niet meer dan een zacht briesje. Child of God liet me achter in verwarring. Deze roman van Cormac McCarthy,de schrijver, die met The Road een post-apocalyptische bestseller schreef, gaat over Lester Ballard, een jongeman  in het heuvelachtige West-Tennessee. Lester heeft alle nietjes in het leven  getrokken:... Lees verder →

Top tips for writing app docs

The Atlas Camp in September of this year held in Barcelona had some really nice presentations. For us, technical writers, senior developer experience writer Becky Todd, talked about docs and API's. All very basic but still very insightful. And, because it is Atlassian, the tool used is Confluence. Lesson 1:  know your audience Lesson 2: ... Lees verder →

5 characteristics of a technical writer

What makes a technical writer? Which characteristics suit him? I found five of them, but there could be more. The pictures to illustrate are from a Dutch comic Ollie B Bommel. The main character can be seen in the picture below, reading a book or maybe a manual of some kind. He looks rather startled.... Lees verder →

Documentation trends 2019

In 2018 I followed many blogs and read about lots of stuff related to the technical writing community. We live, as ever, in an evolving world. Where a lot is still the same; as a technical writer your main task is to get a message across. What evolves is the technology you can use to... Lees verder →

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