Where to go with Customised Content Delivery?

Static content is dead. One flavor for all is not what the cutomer wants. He craves personalised content that solves his problem on the spot. No, he doesn't want to go Ctrl-F in a PDF or try to find something in one of these Office help-files. He wants it here. He wants it now. The... Lees verder →

The future of technical writing

The future is not ours to see, still we try to peek around the corner. Amitoj Singh, product manager at Adobe, gave last year a presentation in New Delhi. He presented the results of a survey amongst some two thousand Adobe customers. Quite interesting for a technical writer. The general feeling is that of a... Lees verder →

The Google bye-bye to chatbots

The silent grabber of data, the great disruptor, the firm that wants to make things easier for you, but only wants to grab more data from you..well, that firm, Google, more or less binned chatbots. A couple of years ago, 2016, when Google Assistant as a feature of Google Allo was  launched, chatbots were all... Lees verder →

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