MadCap Flare – some simple tips & tricks (6)

Why look all these manuals so dull. Somehow customers dont want to stand out with colorful documentation. And...really, there are quite a few ways to pimp documentation in MadCapFlare. What about a different look and feel for your TOC. Ever thought about working on the stylisation of numbered lists? A colorful TOC Just assume you... Lees verder →

10 documentation mistakes

The best way for a technical writer to find mistakes is have his documentation checked.   I once gave a software manual to the girl at the reception, It was an eye-opener. Obvious steps were missing and she could not complete some of the procedures. Just recently I got stuck myself trying to troubleshoot some drive... Lees verder →

Chatbots – the emperor’s new clothes?

Last year was all about chatbots. They would be the future of communication. Finally companies had found the holy grail for better interaction with customers. Forget about manuals or online help...AI would take care of customer sized help. But what if we see that this emperor doesn't wear any clothes? There are a few reasons... Lees verder →

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