API documentation: OpenAPI 3.0

So, what's new? OpenAPI 3.0. And it's a bit too much to put in a single blog. Swagger turned 2.0 upside down and added quite a bit of features to it. If you know 2.0 inside out and more you're in for a bit of updating of your knowledge. Below you find two one hour... Lees verder →

API documentation – Security

Your company created an API. Maybe it is a beta version. The company wants to test it. Does it need security? Could be...If they release it then security should not be neglected. Even then with a rate limit the company could hold it in hand. But every API should be secured. What company wants its... Lees verder →

API documentation; HTTP Status codes

Writing API-documentation means that you get, when HTTP-status codes are concerned,  a set of numbers returned. The most common one is "200" - "OK".  Of course there is also a fun code, not listed below, but still mentioned here;  "418" - "I'm a teapot". You'll never bump into it. Now you can write a description... Lees verder →

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