Career opportunities for technical writers – 2020-2025

ClickHelp recently published an interesting read on career opportunities for technical writers in the upcoming years. It is a more than 100 pages overview of existing and new markets where technical writers could be hired. The usual suspects here are IT, engineering,  gas and oil, spacecraft and some others.They see Insurance, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Green industry... Lees verder →

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Corona – work from home (4)

Ever since I started working in Prague as an expat, still visiting my home country regularly, i was intrigued by their anthem: Kde domuv muj, kde domuv muj..(where is my home? where is my home?). Especially for expats, in between a new life and their old life this is a confronting song. When then corona... Lees verder →

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MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (13)

In this short episode of this series some handy tips. Nothing special. Nothing deep. Just things I stumbled upon in my daily work routine. Style or class not in the Style list box. You want to change the style of a piece of text, but the style is not in the Style drop-down list. I... Lees verder →

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Eight documentation trends for 2020

With 2019 now over the rainbow and nowhere more to be found, 2020 could become the year of.. Well, i am not the Wizard of Oz neither am i a fortune teller, but drawing from general trends one can filter down to the impact on technical writing. Chunks of documentation - more micro content Search... Lees verder →

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MadCap Flare – Micro content

The 2019 release of MadCap Flare might contain the buzzword of the future: micro content. They describe it as: Text, images, video that can be consumed by a reader in about 10-20 seconds. MCF rightly sees that the demand for micro content is growing; online FAQs, chatbots, augmented reality instructions, call outs, tooltips..a lot comes... Lees verder →

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Newsletters – technical writing

One of the things I like to do is browse the internet looking for articles, blogs and newsletters with new insights in the world of techncial writing. There are many, there must be more, as our professional field is wide ranged, from software manuals to creating virtual deliverables for machines. We still work with Word... Lees verder →

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10 documentation mistakes

The best way for a technical writer to find mistakes is have his documentation checked.   I once gave a software manual to the girl at the reception, It was an eye-opener. Obvious steps were missing and she could not complete some of the procedures. Just recently I got stuck myself trying to troubleshoot some drive... Lees verder →

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Ben Ali Libi – de goochelaar van Willem Wilmink

Afkomstig uit een armoedig gezin, met een vader met artistieke aspiraties, begon Michel Velleman op jonge leeftijd onder de naam Ben Ali Libi te goochelen. Vingervlug en met een vaardige tong vertoonde hij zijn kunsten. Hij was meer bekend dan beroemd. Tot de oorlog aan alles een einde maakte. Willem Wilmink schreef een gedicht over... Lees verder →

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Negen technical writer mythes

Laatst had ik een gesprek met een manager: hoe krijgt mijn team van technical writers meer gewicht? Nu hangen ze er wat bij binnen het bedrijf. Hoog tijd om de mythbusters van stal te halen. Dan wordt veel duidelijk over het werk van de technical writer, zijn persoonlijkheid, zijn waarde voor het bedrijf  en zijn... Lees verder →

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Hoe hot is de chatbot?

Jaren terug maakte ik documentatie die in een klapper ging en bij de klant op een plank werd gezet. Geen idee of die handleiding ooit gebruikt is. Wie zou er gebruik van maken? Wie wist dat de handleiding op de plank stond? Van papier naar online help Na het papier volgden de online help bestanden.... Lees verder →

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Heeft u een documentatieprobleem?!  Ziet u door de woorden de zinnen, en door de zinnen  de paragrafen en door de paragrafen de hoofdstukken en... ziet u het gewoon niet meer zitten? Beginnen klanten te klagen? IT-Tekstbureau biedt de oplossing. Strak, overzichtelijk en met kennis van zaken. Een advies is zo gegeven. En voor het echte... Lees verder →

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MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (16)

In this blog a simple button that might make your life easier, a checkbox for a specific search output and a tip on how to create micro content inside a table. Word wrap HTML If you want to go for a better look and feel of your text editor, you could try word wrap. Micro... Lees verder →

Covers – business card of your company

Ever thought about the cover of your documentation? How it should look? What it should represent? Probably it was already there when you entered your writing job. Most of the time it is a rather dull looking page on which you saw your company logo and the name of the product and the version you... Lees verder →

MadCap Flare some simple tips & tricks (15)

In this blog a few micro content tips,  a disk malformed problem,  and an online help heading issue. Database disk is malformed... So, there I was, trying to add a condition to the default list. Well, Flare said no, and treated me to a scary window with this text. Closing and restarting of Flare did... Lees verder →

Corona – work from home (3)

Is it getting normal? Home office after some seven weeks? Or is it a near endless corridor I have to go through. Not knowing if I am at the beginning, mid way or nearing the end. Working from home is only seeing your colleagues online, hardly ever face to face. Everything work related is virtual.... Lees verder →

Corona – work from home (2)

One week into working from home, things slowly start to fall in place. Home work will probably go on for some weeks, but probably not months. China seems to be recuperating, governments are willing to support small enterprises and self employed people and, most importantly, here in Europe, the sun is out. Not yet spring,... Lees verder →

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